Mini Games


Mini-games for windows, from the independent developer of Hot Games Best, which are translated into English and have the appropriate interface. All games are free to distribute, they can be freely downloaded, installed and posted on their web resources. These games have no special requirements and will work on all versions of the operating system windows.


«Mafia — sphere of influence» a new and unique card game. Send your people to criminal trials, seize new areas and expand your sphere of influence. Only one will win, one who will control the whole city. Take care of your subordinates, think through every move and strategy of the whole game. Sometimes it is better to lose one battle, but to win in a whole war.

Download game Mafia (12 MB)

Игра Шерман

«Sherman» is a tank battle on your hand! The main goal of the game is to plan your tank offensives through the enemy territory.

Download game Sherman (12 MB)

Game Falange

«Falange» — a small strategy board game based on the «Breakthrough». To win, you must take extreme line on the playing field.

Download game Falange (12 MB)

Tank - panzer

«Tank 2» — panzer simulator modern tank in combat. Self-propelled guns, tanks, multiple launch rocket system, helicopters…

Download game Tank (15 MB)

Combat a lot full

The main goal of the game is to plan your tank offensives through the enemy territory. Players will need to specify the movement directions and places of shooting so that the tank reached the goal. Then press the «Start» button and watch your tank fights fulfilling your orders. Try to destroy all enemy units and equipment keeping your tank without damage to get more stars. The game contains 24 tasks in which you have to find a way through minefields, anti-tank obstacles, fight against different kinds of enemy vehicles, replenishing fuel and ammunition at the enemy territory . Try to complete all levels on three stars.

Download game Combat a lot (15 MB)

ludo trade

«Ludo trade» — it is an economic game based on the board game Ludo. The player will have to buy and sell silk. To win you must earn that amount of money or completely ravage a competitor.

Download game Ludo Trade (12 MB)

Torpedo attack

«Torpedo attack» — naval battle. Look through the periscope and shoot torpedoes in enemy ships. Don’t make mistakes and try to score a lot of points.

Download game Torpedo attack (12 MB)

game bonsai tree

Grow a bonsai tree on his phone. Connect the vase with the desired points and the tree necessarily bloom. The game contains 90 unique levels and be sure to decorate their free time.

Download game Bonsai (12 MB)

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